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2018 Lake Trust Credit Union Community Impact Scholarship in Honor of Doug Hawes

Words by Abbie Dyer on Aug 22, 2018 9:33:54 AM

After the devastating loss of Douglas Hawes, a beloved teammate, we channeled our grief to try to do something good for someone else. We decided to honor Doug’s legacy by establishing a scholarship in his name that focused on both his passion for technology and his active involvement in the community. This year, the Lake Trust Foundation is awarding three individuals a scholarship to cover the tuition costs of attending Cleary University.

Doug Hawes was a problem-solver, a visionary, and an entrepreneur. He made everyone feel welcome wherever he was and demonstrated a lifelong commitment to his community. Doug was a motor enthusiast who loved spending time with his family. Most recently, Doug worked with us as a Business Intelligence Manager. With his advanced technical knowledge and experience, he was a mentor to all he worked with.

Our recipients will all attend Cleary University in Howell to study programs that correlate with Doug’s passions and work. 


Kevin: Inspiring Future Generations

For Kevin, going back to school is an opportunity for him to give back to his community. He plans to study data analytics at Cleary University this fall with the goal of someday teaching at a community college or university. The educational outcome of receiving this scholarship will give Kevin the tools he needs to teach future generations and help his community.

“I’ve been the recipient of that community involvement, which is very different for me. I’m used to being engaged and helping others, but I was very much the recipient of that help.”

Kevin explains that after a two-year personal health battle, he’s seen firsthand the impact that a community can have when they band together to help an individual in need. He’s happy to have the opportunity to once again give back after getting a clean bill of health a few months ago.  

“I think this is really a marker for getting back on track with life and being able to then return what was paid forward to me. For me, the way to do that is to teach.”

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    Making Sure Everyone Has Dinner. Linda organizes a free monthly dinner for people in need in her community.
  • Kevin-Scholarship.png
    Teaching Moments. Kevin is excited to teach future generations and share his passion for data analytics.

Linda: Feeding the Needs of Her Community


After the loss her husband a few years ago, Linda suddenly needed to change her direction in life. She decided the best way to do this was to go back to school to get her bachelor’s degree, despite already working and volunteering full-time. But her time in the classroom isn’t over yet. She’s heading to Cleary University this fall to get her master’s degree.


“Getting this scholarship and being able to go back now and get my master’s degree is an opportunity that I never, ever dreamed possible before,” Linda explains. “A master’s degree will open up doors that were never possible for me before.”


Linda hopes to be able to not only use this opportunity to advance at work but to further her community involvement.


She teamed up with the local community outreach to start a food program in her hometown six years ago. On the fourth Friday of every month (when money is often short for struggling families), Linda serves a free, home-cooked community dinner. There are no requirements to attend the dinner and people are simply invited to have a healthy, relaxed meal in the company of friends and neighbors. It’s not uncommon for two to three hundred people to show up for the monthly meal.


“My goal is (through my education and my resources) is to grow this program. To not only make it once a month but to make it every Friday night and then every night. It would be a huge undertaking but I really want to do this.”


Spoken like a true philanthropist.



Taking Note


We’re so inspired by the adversary and strength of these individuals. Each of them has turned personal struggles into opportunities not only for themselves but for others in the community.  



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