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9 Reasons You Should Use Bill Pay Reminders

Words by Abbie Dyer on Apr 6, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Every time you turn around it seems like another annoying bill is due. When you’re running to work, managing a house and taking care of kids who has time to remember a bunch of due dates?

Electronic bill pay reminders take the headache out of trying to remember when things are due. But you’ll have to remember to pick up the kids. Here are some great reasons to make the switch:

1. They’re Free.  Lake Trust Online Banking has a bill pay reminder feature built into them that you can use for free. Sign up for online banking today and set up bill pay reminders!

2. Your Future Self Will Thank You. When you know something is due, you can double check that the money is in your account ahead of time. If it’s a larger bill, like auto insurance, you can figure out how much to save each month.

3. It’s Easy to Set Up. Just log into your Online Banking account and enter all of the payee information for your bills. It’s super easy to add, delete and edit information.

4. Easily Monitor Your Spending.  Did you know that you can even set a budget in your Online Banking account? It's free too! Set a budget for each category to spend your money on. When you are getting close to your allotted amount, you can set up alert notifications.

5. They Do the Work for You. No more looking through that pile of bills that stacked up on the dining room table. Even better, set up an automatic Bill Pay in Online Banking and your bills will be paid for you when they are due.

6. Find Fraud Fast. Get email alerts when you have a low balance or suspicious activity on your account. Log into Online Banking and verify your transactions. If something doesn’t look right, give us a call at 888.267.7200 or stop into the closest branch.

7. It’s a Free Personal Assistant. Feel confident knowing you have one less thing to worry about, plus, it’s error-free.

8. Organize Receipts. You can keep track of every bill that is paid. Say good-bye to the clutter of paper receipts and create digital folders to organize your payment history

9. It’s Good for You. Your time is important, so why waste it? Embrace technology and start building good habits.

Take charge your life and get rid of the hassle of paying bills. Make more time for fun each day. Good luck on all of your organizational goals!


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