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Finding a Home with Momentum Construction 

Words by Abbie Dyer on Jan 26, 2018 2:34:40 PM

There’s nothing more refreshing than the feeling of being home at the end of a long day. It’s this sentiment of comfort and personalization that Adam and Drew, co-owners of Momentum Construction, seek to preserve through each of their projects. With the idea of family at the heart of their work, Drew and Adam aren’t just building houses for their clients, they’re creating homes.

Working in construction always seemed like a natural fit for both Adam and Drew. As a teenager, Adam developed his carpentry skills by working with local contractors who were building homes. He quickly fell in love with the trade, went to college, and continued working with the goal of one day owning his own construction company.

Drew’s career in construction also began during his teenage years when he was hired to work for a large framing contractor. Knowing that he had found his passion, he worked his way up in the company and later started a construction business of his own.


Joining Forces

After starting their own businesses separately, Drew and Adam combined their talents in 2010 and founded Momentum Construction. With a focus on community and family values, the two friends were excited to start tackling larger projects that they couldn’t do when they owned separate businesses. However, with the economic downturn working against them, their plans hit a snag when they were rejected for financing from their bank.

Drew explains why this funding was so vital to the sustainability of Momentum Construction: “Some homeowners have cash and a lot don’t. So if we can’t find a bank for them and they can’t get a bank loan, then we’re out of luck.”

But they didn’t give up their plans after being turned away. Representatives from the bank actually referred the two friends to Lake Trust and they jumped at the opportunity for another chance to make their vision come true.

“Lake Trust listened better than any other financial institution we talked to. They actually wanted to hear our story and learn about our business,” said Adam about his business lending experience here. “They wanted to find out what our challenges were so they could offer the right products to help us grow.” 

With the means to take on bigger jobs, Drew and Adam have been able to expand their scope of work to take on large remodeling projects and building custom homes.

  • IMG_4360.png
    Making Plans Drew and Adam look over building plans to keep their projects on track.
  • MC1.png
    Taking Extra Measures Attention to detail is an important part of the custom building process.
  • MC4.png
    Enjoying Nature Beautiful views and time outside are just a few perks of the job.

Giving Back


In addition to bringing their customers’ dreams to life, Adam and Drew also use their skills to give back to the community. They’ve partnered with the non-profit Rainbow Connection several times to help out with projects that benefit kids with life-threatening illnesses. 


With a little creativity and imagination, they’ve created positive memories for several children. From amazing forts and bedrooms to a massive two-story playhouse, Drew and Adam understand that small gestures can leave a huge impact on the life of another person.



Local Love


As part of Adam and Drew’s commitment to the Livingston and Washtenaw communities, they use local vendors for project materials whenever it’s possible.


“It’s fun and exciting for us to continue to do projects here, meet new people in the community, and also to do jobs for friends and family. It’s always been important for us to stay local,” says Adam.


This neighborly spirit is present in their work too. After a nasty wind storm, a customer who had previously worked with Momentum Construction called in a panic. The siding had fallen off of his house and he needed help with the repair. The crew at Momentum Construction happily went to the house and fixed the siding.


As part of their business model, Adam says: “We don’t just abandon people after a project is done. We’re your builders for life.”


“We like to provide great projects to people who deserve them,” echoes Drew.


The thought of treating their customers as family combined with their compassion and attention to detail have surely contributed to the success of Momentum Construction. After all, building a home and a feeling of community are what Drew and Adam do best.


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