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Over 1,000 Hours Donated Back to Michigan Communities During Powered by Good Day

Words by Abbie Dyer on Oct 30, 2023 11:52:47 AM

When we give back to our communities by donating time, money, or resources, we can make a positive impact on the world. And when we work together, we can make an even greater impact. On Monday, October 9, the Lake Trust team celebrated our 6th annual Powered by Good Day by volunteering time across Michigan communities during our closure on the federal holiday.

This year, over 380 team members volunteered during Powered by Good Day, our largest group of participants to date. Together, we contributed 1003 volunteer hours to Michigan communities at 35 volunteer events among 27 organizations across the state. Considering the current value of volunteer time is $31.80 per hour1, this means we helped local nonprofits save an estimated $31,895.40 in one day.

“Giving back to communities remains a core focus for Lake Trust and the Lake Trust Foundation,” said Amanda Huszti-Vickers, Lake Trust Community Impact Manager and Executive Director of the Lake Trust Foundation. “Powered by Good Day is not only a day where the Lake Trust team volunteers, but it’s also a day where we further commit to multiplying positive impact across Michigan.”

While much of our day-to-day work is focused on empowering financial wellbeing, we also recognize that finances only play one part in an individual’s overall wellbeing. So, our activities for the day focused on supporting other aspects of wellbeing, like education, housing, food, and other health initiatives.


Empowering Wellbeing Through Education

There’s power in knowledge. In exploring new opportunities. And in achieving your dreams. To build and sustain stronger communities, one pillar of focus for the Lake Trust Foundation includes supporting educational initiatives. We support these initiatives through the Lake Trust Foundation scholarship program and by providing grants and donations to organizations that provide learning programs.

For Powered by Good Day, we again supported educational opportunities through the Lake Trust Foundation by providing three free books to every student at Mason Academy in Detroit and North Elementary in Lansing. Our team volunteered at each school to help students select their books. By matching students with books that contain stories or topics they’re interested in, we hope to help the next generation explore the power of what’s possible.

We also supported other organizations that provide educational opportunities in the community through classes, events, and access to resources. At Chelsea District Library and Brilliant Detroit, we helped with cleaning and organization tasks. Over at Howell Nature Center, we performed maintenance and yard work around the property and on the trails.


Access to Nutritious Meals

Access to fresh, nutritious food enhances physical and mental wellbeing. But rising grocery prices over the past year have made it difficult for many families to put food on the table each day.

During Powered by Good Day, we continued this focus by volunteering at Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor, Gleaners Food Bank in Howell, Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan in Flint, Allen Neighborhood Center in Lansing, and many more community agencies and nonprofits. Our team helped package and sort food, organize donations, and spent time learning about the impact these organizations make in local communities.

We also supported Kids’ Food Basket in Grand Rapids by decorating over 1,000 lunch bags for their Sack Suppers program. Though this initiative, children receive a healthy, ready-to-eat meal containing one serving of fruit, one serving of vegetables, one serving of protein, and a healthy snack. This supplemental meal ensures that no child will go to bed hungry if their family is struggling to put food on the table.


Warm Coats, Warm Hearts

Without proper cold weather attire, some students miss school in the winter because they cannot walk to class or participate in recess. To help area students stay cozy this winter, we worked with Operation Warm to provide every student at Holmes Elementary School in Ypsilanti with a winter coat. Our team volunteered at the event by helping students find their coat size in their favorite color. In total, we provided over 500 coats to the students through a donation from the Lake Trust Foundation.


Focus on Health 

Lake Trust team members also had the opportunity to give back their time by earning a CPR certification through the American Red Cross. This valuable skill will enable our team to further contribute back to the community by sharing knowledge with others. And possibly save a life. With confidence and expertise, this training will also help people stay calm in emergency situations. Every hand trained in CPR strengthens the heart of the community.




Being a Good Neighbor

There’s power in uplifting one another. Supporting our neighbors. And creating stronger bonds in our communities. With an understanding that life can change in an instant, many local nonprofits provide food, housing, clothing, financial assistance, job training, and access to helpful resources. To support organizations that provide essential services for individuals and families in need, we volunteered at the following nonprofits:


  • City Rescue Mission in Lansing
  • Lighthouse of Oakland County
  • Cristo Rey Community Center in Lansing
  • Salvation Army in Lansing
  • Community Catalysts in Howell
  • Clothing Inc. in Mt. Pleasant
  • Louis Center in Chelsea
  • Child and Family Charities in Lansing
  • Family Promise of Barry County
  • Kenzie’s BE Café in Grand Haven
  • Community Action House in Holland
  • Faith in Action in Chelsea
  • Muskegon Rescue Mission
  • SOS Community Services in Ypsilanti
  • Livingston County Habitat for Humanity Restore in Brighton

Making an Impact Together


In addition to our volunteer efforts, the Lake Trust Foundation also donated a total of $63,000 among all the nonprofits we worked with during Powered by Good Day. Besides volunteer work, these local organizations often heavily rely on donations from the community to continue providing their programs and services. And every dollar helps.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with other organizations who value wellbeing. For the chance to connect with our communities. And the time to build stronger relationships within our team.

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