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Celebrating Our New Look in Brighton

Words by Abbie Dyer on May 8, 2015 9:30:00 AM

If you haven't been to the Lake Trust Brighton branch lately, then you're in for a surprise. We recently finished remodeling this location and we're ready to reveal the new appearance! So why did we make the change?

We're giving our buildings a new look to provide consistency across all locations. The bold colors and modern feel are a better reflection of the Lake Trust brand. Here's the inside scoop of the inspiration behind the sleek, new vibe at our branches.

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    The Mortgage Center wall features some fun facts about homes around the world.
  • Lake Trust Credit Union
    Our new lobby chairs are so comfortable you might not want to leave.
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    Get a cold drink at the water cooler and see what's new on the TV.
  • Lake Trust Credit Union
    Spreadin' our love of Michigan with the community wall.
  • Lake Trust Credit Union
    Check out the bold, new wall color and say hello to the Brighton branch staff!

Creating the Vision


When we decided to build the new Lake Trust HQ in Brighton, MI, we knew that we wanted to minimize our impact on the environment. That's why the new building is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). We incorporated natural elements into the design, like a living wall of plants. And we're purposely building our headquarters with tons of windows so employees will feel like they're outside even when they're inside.


The change in our branch design is a reflection of the look at the new HQ building. We're intentionally moving away from a traditional financial institution layout and we're not afraid to use bold colors and unique designs to stand out.


Even though we're going bold, we still recognize our roots. In Brighton, you'll see a community wall that talks about our love for the mitten state and our team members.




Where Are The Walls?


Besides the change in color scheme, you'll also see something different in the member service area. No more walls! We first tested an open concept floor plan in 2013 when we relocated our Auburn Hills branch. At this location the offices are not only missing, but so is the teller line. In the middle of the branch is a "pod", or a small, circular station. When doing a transaction, you stand next to a Lake Trust team member so you can see the screen and your accounts.


"It shows that we are not just transactional, but we're building relationships. We're not hiding behind the counter and we've made a conscious decision to be an un-bank," says Terri G., Project Manager and Property Administrator at Lake Trust.


When you come to see us, we want to give you an experience not just a few extra dollars in your pocket. And to do this, we eliminated the physical barriers and created a more relaxing atmosphere. We want to be as conversational as possible so we can bring you the education and information you need.




Bigger Isn't Always Better


Have you ever noticed that many of the Lake Trust branches are on the smaller side? Bigger branches create unnecessary expenses and maintenance. You can (and do) many of your transactions via Online Banking, ATMs, Video Teller Machines and the Online Banking mobile app, so this eliminates a need for big branches.


Terri explains, "What's happening inside [the branches] is more of a holistic financial environment in lieu of simply doing transactions."


We're creating an atmosphere that inspires learning and financial planning. We want to get you as excited about financial advocacy as we are. By using our resources and making conscious decisions about our environment, we're helping to create a smarter, more unified membership.


There's a lot of planning behind branch designs but the time and effort is worth it. What are some of your favorite features of our new look?



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