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Michigan Impact Scholarship Helps Students Experience The Power Of A Tuition-Free Education

Words by Abbie Dyer on Jul 2, 2021 3:45:19 PM

foundation-logoReceiving an education is an important milestone for many people on the path to starting, or advancing, their careers. However, the cost of tuition, fees, books, housing, and food can be a barrier for some people in achieving their dreams. To help, the Lake Trust Foundation established a scholarship program in 2013 to help students across the state in their academic pursuits.

The Lake Trust Foundation, in partnership with Cleary University, has awarded the Michigan Impact Scholarship to current or incoming students at Cleary since 2018. This opportunity is a full-tuition scholarship that can be used for up to four years for either on-campus or online courses. Funds can be applied toward undergraduate or graduate degree programs, with special consideration given to applicants who want to get a job in one of the state’s high-demand careers.

We’re pleased to announce the five recipients of the 2021 Michigan Impact Scholarship. Meet our recipients, learn about their future plans, and help us say congratulations!


Vinicius M.: Corporate Finance

Vinicius is a current student at Cleary University who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in corporate finance. He has two years left in his program and is excited to use his knowledge and skills to give back to the Howell community.

“I appreciate it so much. I’m so happy. I feel like this opportunity is going to open doors for me in the future. I’ll be able to dedicate myself toward my passion for the community, helping the Chamber and learning more about local community and economic development,” said Vinicius.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, he’s considering going back to school for his master’s degree to continue building his skills. Vinicius is interested in possibly pursing a graduate program in either strategic leadership or computer science.


Blake S.: Digital Marketing

Receiving a Michigan Impact Scholarship opens more doors to future opportunities for Blake. As a current student at Cleary who is working toward his bachelor’s degree in digital marketing, Blake is excited to start helping local businesses with their marketing efforts. He recently started a part-time position at Biggby Coffee to assist with their marketing needs. Outside of work, he's building his skills in scriptwriting and video production.

“I’m ecstatic!” said Blake upon receiving the news that he won a scholarship. “It takes off the pressure of having to pay for school, so I can do outside work at my part-time job and work on creative projects. This is a very big relief in my life.”

With the financial weight of his tuition off his shoulders, Blake is exploring the possibility of pursuing a marketing internship over the summer. In the future, he may even go on to complete his master’s degree, since he’ll now have more time to save.

Blake-Photo 2



Juan R.: Business Management

Juan is grateful that this isn’t the first, but the second scholarship, he’s received at Cleary. Four years ago, he received a scholarship to play soccer while he pursued his bachelor’s degree. Graduation day marked an important milestone for Juan, as he was the first person in his family to graduate from college. By taking his education to the next level and pursuing his master’s degree, he hopes to continue to make his family proud. He wants to set an example for his relatives by encouraging them to push themselves and work toward their dreams.

“This will definitely help my stress levels. I think this is going to motivate me more to continue to push my education to the next level, whether through work or continuing my education beyond my Master’s,” Juan shared with us.

With one year left in his program, Juan has his sights set on becoming an entrepreneur after graduation. He hopes to open an insurance agency in Grand Rapids one day to help the Hispanic community understand insurance and be better protected.

Colin O.: Business Management

As the owner of a small car-detailing business, Colin knows how much work and effort it takes to run a company. In the future, he hopes to grow this business into a public-facing organization and gain more customers. To do this, he’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, like marketing, sales, or business management.

“I’m feeling overjoyed right now,” said Colin when he heard that he had won the full-tuition scholarship. “This year has definitely been difficult for my family financially. This means so much because it allows me to live on campus and get the full college experience. It’s going to be a load off of my parents because we won’t have to take out as many loans. It means so much to me.”

Colin worked throughout high school to save up to pay for college. With less stress regarding tuition costs, he won’t have to worry about as many loan payments in the future. This will allow Colin to keep more of his future income or invest it into his business.


Michael L.: Business Administration

Michael has plans to be an entrepreneur in Michigan and is currently working on establishing a multi-purpose gaming/e-sports facility with his three brothers. He’s hopeful that pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership at Cleary will help him lead the business.

“The scholarship in general inspired me to go back to graduate school. After researching Cleary and finding a program that really spoke to me, I’m ready to start this journey,” Michael shared with us when we told him he won the scholarship.

The scholarship will help reduce the cost of returning to school, helping Michael free up more funds to start his business.

The Power Of An Education

Everyone should have the chance to pursue their dreams and receive an education. By assisting with tuition costs, each scholarship recipient will have more time to focus on their studies and discover unique ways to use their talents to give back in Michigan communities. Congratulations to each of our winners!

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