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The First Day at Our New Home in Brighton

Words by Abbie Dyer on Sep 21, 2015 8:37:00 PM

It's like the first day of school here at the new Lake Trust HQ in Brighton, MI. We're walking into a new building, sitting (or standing) at new moveable desks and getting acclimated to the open environment. Throughout the day, we're getting in some steps by walking around the building, greeting old friends and meeting new ones. For many, it's the first time we're seeing some of our teammates in person, as the distance between our previous locations made phone calls and emails the norm for communication. But those days are gone and we're ready for a new adventure.

For the first time, HQ offers us the opportunity to work under one roof. Entire departments are finally together, allowing us to hear different perspectives on our jobs and the organization as a whole. This innovative building promotes creativity by offering meeting rooms in every shape and size. Knowing that sometimes people just need a change of scenery, non-traditional workspaces are available for all employees. We can take our laptops outside on the patio or move our desk height and stand for a while. Check out what else we're looking forward to in our new home. 


 Together at Last

"It's amazing to have everyone here. We have a great opportunity for collaboration now. We used to have people all over Plymouth, Lansing and Brighton, so it's nice to have everyone here now. Plus it saves on drive time." --Hilda, Contact Center


Open Concept Office

 The Open Concept

"It's an intimate setting, but not in your face. It's nice that we're finally together under one roof." -- Bill, Product Manager



Making New Friends 

"It's nice to put names with faces and see people who I haven't seen in years. I don't have to factor drive times into my meetings anymore, which is nice."            --Julia, Strategic Innovation




The Road Ahead

"I'm just excited about the building, all the new features and the exciting opportunities it offers us." -- Vivian, Culture + Engagement




A Diverse Work Environment

"I'm excited about the different work areas that are available." -- Silvia, Loan Servicing


The HQ building project was in the making for two years. It's exciting to see things that we hoped for and dreamt about finally become a reality. Our new home in Brighton marks a huge milestone in the Lake Trust journey and we can't wait to see what's ahead. 

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