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Tuition-Free Michigan Impact Scholarships Awarded To 5 Cleary University Students

Words by Abbie Dyer on Aug 30, 2022 9:36:56 AM

foundation-logoThere’s power in a dream. In taking a chance on yourself. And in discovering new strengths on your path to success. The cost of going to school or back to school is a big barrier for many students. But this investment in education can open doors to new opportunities. To help individuals pursuing a new career or enhancing their current careers, we award scholarships through the Lake Trust Foundation each year.

By focusing less on how to pay for school, a student may have more time to focus more on their studies. To relieve some college expenses, recipients of our Michigan Impact Scholarship receive a full-tuition scholarship for up to four years at Cleary University. Scholarships are awarded to individuals who plan to get a job in one of Michigan’s high-demand careers1 through 2028, and funds can be applied toward any online or on-campus program.

Meet the 2022 Michigan Impact Scholarship recipients and help us say congratulations!



Benjamin H.: Business Administration

Entering his senior year at Cleary University, Benjamin is excited to be one step closer to pursuing a career focused on giving back. He’s currently working toward his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a double minor in human resources and digital marketing. After graduation, Benjamin hopes to get a job in a Michigan corporation and lead their philanthropy efforts. He’d like to create a program that encourages employees to volunteer and give back in local communities.

Benjamin was grateful to receive a Michigan Impact Scholarship to cover tuition during his last year of school. He’s currently working four part-time jobs and completed an internship over the summer. The scholarship will help him save money that he may potentially put toward a master’s degree program.

Jacob M.: Corporate Finance

 Jacob is going into his sophomore year at Cleary University and is pursuing a degree in corporate finance. This math wiz loves to crunch numbers and hopes to work as a financial planner after graduation. In this way, he would be able to give back to the community and help people plan for the future. One day he aspires to host workshops and seminars focused on financial wellbeing topics.

The Michigan Impact Scholarship will allow Jacob to continue living on campus during his college career (versus switching to an online program). He’s also excited about the prospect of graduating with minimal debt so he can focus on starting his career and helping other people manage their finances.





Jennifer R.: Health Care Management

Working as a radiologic technologist through the pandemic has inspired Jennifer to go back to school to earn her bachelor’s degree in healthcare management. Working in a high-stress environment helped her see what a positive influence a strong leader can have on a team, and she hopes to mentor and teach others in her field one day.

“I want to foster a team that can best serve the community, who can stand strong in adversity, and still provide compassionate care,” says Jennifer about her goal to become a Medical and Health Services Manager.

Jennifer had always wanted to pursue her bachelor’s degree but didn’t have the resources to do so. Until now. The Michigan Impact Scholarship will help her to learn more about the business side of healthcare, such as budgeting, leadership, accreditation requirements, hiring, mentorship, and more.

Laura R.: Digital Marketing

Growing up in Spain, Laura had always dreamed of studying abroad. Now she’s living that dream by attending Cleary University and working toward her bachelor’s degree in digital marketing. Though she’s excited to study in Michigan, the cost of tuition is a barrier that could prevent her from continuing her studies here past her freshman year. But the Michigan Impact Scholarship changed that. Now Laura can focus on her studies, playing soccer for Cleary, and working at her on-campus job.

In the future, Laura hopes to open a business that focuses on meeting unmet needs in the community. She’s passionate about giving back and wants to use her knowledge and skills to help others.





Ethan P.: Business Management

Ethan is excited to use his education to help support local businesses in the future. He’s attending Cleary University this year and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business management. He would like to coach entrepreneurs and help grow and strengthen the local economy.

Attending Cleary University will allow Ethan to stay close to home during his studies and connect with the business landscape in the Howell community. His scholarship will help ease the financial strain of tuition and make it possible for Ethan to graduate with minimal debt.

Take A Chance On Your Dreams

 It takes courage and confidence to go down a new path. But you never know what you can achieve until you take a chance on yourself. Your dreams are out there just waiting for you. Don’t keep them waiting any longer.

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