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Finding Strength At Peak Physical Therapy

Words by Abbie Dyer on Jun 29, 2022 11:26:50 AM

Strength. Courage. Endurance. These motivating principles guide the patients at Peak Physical Therapy on their path to recovery. The story of this Brighton, Michigan business started because one woman was empowered to make a change in her industry; a change that required the same strength, courage, and endurance that she helps people overcoming health challenges find every day.

Amy G. always knew that she wanted to be a physical therapist. After starting her career and working for different clinics, however, she was disheartened to see disparities in patient care. In school, she was taught that one hour or more should be dedicated to each patient during each recovery session. In the real world, however, many physical therapy (PT) clinics seemed more concerned with making a profit than improving patient wellbeing. And this wasn’t always intentional. Insurance companies dictate patient care at an alarming rate. To comply with insurance requirements, sometimes clinics are forced to cut sessions short or alter their patient care plans.

But Amy didn’t want her work to be dictated by profit goals or a third party. She entered the field of physical therapy to help people and make a difference. And if it took quitting her job to make a new path on her own, then that’s what she would do.


The Courage To Do What’s Right

Shortly after graduating college at the University of Michigan, Amy had the opportunity to open her own physical therapy clinic. However, she wanted to focus on her growing family and the timing wasn’t right. But the idea of going out on her own sat in the back of her mind percolating for years.

Finally, Amy decided it was time to see what she could do on her own. She reached out to her connections and found that people were excited to help her start building a clinic. Her friends, family, and business connections helped her with billing, applying for an LLC, marketing, design, and more.

In February 2016, Peak Physical Therapy officially opened near Downtown Brighton at 455 E. Grand River Ave.


A Different Approach

While most healthcare centers are built on the idea of treating pain when it happens, Amy puts an emphasis on whole-body wellness to prevent future injury. Besides treating the pain or body part that is troubling a patient, Amy also works on helping people make small changes that can have big results. For example, many people don’t realize that they have poor posture or carry tension in their muscles. Over time, these small, underlying pain points can lead to more problems or pain that doesn’t go away. With education and slight corrections, these issues can be reduced.

Encouraging a positive mindset is also a big part of Amy’s role. A positive mindset contributes to the progression of treatment and Amy is always looking for new ways to keep patients motivated. She often connects people to area yoga, Pilates, and aqua aerobics studios that inspire a mind and body connection.

“Good healthcare and therapy can be provided and should be expected,” Amy says of her philosophy to wellness.


Built On Trust

Through her work with her patients, Amy understands that establishing a relationship based on trust is essential. After having a personal membership at Lake Trust for several years, she knew that she wanted her business membership to be here as well.

“It’s nice knowing that there are people I can call on if I need help or guidance,” Amy explains. “I also like that the Lake Trust team takes the time to sit down with me to explain the different funding options that are available.”

A small business loan helped Amy get started and this capital was essential during her first year in operation. Recently, she also expanded her relationship with us to get a business line of credit to help with fluctuating expenses.


A Future Focused On Health

Amy recognizes that a large part of her success can be attributed to the strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Brighton and the surrounding area.

“This community has helped me and supported me and continues to support me,” says Amy about how the community embraced her idea and still believes in her mission.

To pay her success forward and help others in her industry, Amy leases out space in the back of her clinic as an incubator space. By sharing resources and knowledge, she’s empowered other physical therapists in Brighton and Howell to start their businesses.

Within the next five years, Amy hopes to own her own building so she can expand. She dreams of creating a health campus where other like-minded healthcare providers can collaborate and offer their services in one location.

There’s power in all of us to look beyond the ordinary. To be empowered by the dream in our hearts. And led by the vision in our minds.

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