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6 Smart Things To Do Before Buying Your Next Car

May 01, 2017

Your car plays a big role in your family vacations, epic road trips, and daily life. In a way, your vehicle serves as a symbol of where you are in life. So buying the right car is a big choice, whether you're going through a major lifestyle change or you just want an upgrade. It's important to do a little prep work before you start shopping.

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How to Save Like an Adult in 7 Easy Steps

March 30, 2017


Welcome to adulthood! That may be the most terrifying sentence you'll ever hear (besides the dreaded 'We need to talk'). Being an adult isn't easy and the responsibilities that come along with this independence is enough to make you wonder why you were so excited to grow up in the first place.

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Budgeting Tips For a Not-So-Typical Day

March 29, 2016

The thought of staycations, lonely nights at home and your favorite things being cut back or taken away is enough to drive anyone away from starting a budget. But this negative thinking is where so many of us fail at Budgeting 101. You don't have to take extreme measures to save money, just make small lifestyle changes. If sticking to a budget is hard, you might be doing it wrong. 
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Get Creative to Save Money in College

February 29, 2016


With the recent reports of the rising student debt crisis, the thought of going to college (or back to college) has many of us second guessing our future plans. However, the cost of college varies quite a bit on you and your spending habits. To avoid the surprise of a big bill at the end of school, it's important to learn how to save money in college.

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6 Reasons to Love Your Credit Card

February 02, 2016


Your credit card isn't just a tool for making purchases, it can also help you save money. Don't laugh, we're not kidding. It's no secret that credit cards have a bad reputation for putting us into debt. But when you take another look at how you use your card, you might find that there are actually some great ways that it can boost your savings.

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Shop More, Save More With Purchase Rewards

December 07, 2015


Get rewarded for shopping at your favorite stores with our new Purchase Rewards program. We know that earning cash is more important to you than earning a million points to buy trinkets. That's why Purchase Rewards gives you actual cash back for using your debit card. The best part is you can still use your coupons when you're shopping, so it's like getting double the savings!

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9 Ways to Have a Fun and Cheap Family Vacation

June 18, 2015

With the weather finally inviting us outside, it's time to start planning some fun summer trips. For those of us who crave adventure, the idea of camping out on the couch for a "stay-cation" just isn't going to cut it. When you know how to travel smart, it's easy to afford a getaway.

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3 Free Apps That Help You Save Money

May 20, 2015


Think about the rush you get when you find a bargain. The satisfaction of knowing that you saved some cash just for paying attention to sales is priceless. Most of us carry a phone wherever we go, so put it to work. Exercise your financial smarts and check out some easy-to-use tools that'll help you on your quest to score the best deal.

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9 Ways I Saved On My Kitchen Remodel

May 13, 2015


A kitchen is the focal point of any home. So it's important to have a space that's comfortable to work in and appealing to look at. But with the average price of a kitchen remodel in the tens of thousands, is there really a way you can afford to update your space without breaking your budget?

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Figure Out Your Finances Before You Tie the Knot

April 30, 2015


Spring is finally here and the world is slowly recovering from another harsh winter. If you're planning a wedding, the budding flowers and warm air only adds to the excitement of counting down to your big day. But in the midst of your wedding stupor, have you sat down and figured out how you're going to manage your finances after the wedding? Here's how to make sure that your wedded bliss doesn't come to a halt when it's time to pay the bills.

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