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Hope for a Home: A Day With Humble Design

May 24, 2017


Home. It's a place many of us take for granted and a spot whose meaning we don't always understand until our situation changes. It's hard to say exactly what defines a home besides four walls and a roof because of the complicated emotions we attached to this singular place. A big part of any home, however, is represented by love, comfort, fond memories, and security. And it's these feelings that the folks at Humble Design hope to restore as they furnish and recreate homes for families in need.

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The World of Wonder at Impression 5

June 15, 2016


There's a historic building in downtown Lansing where imaginations run wild as the world of the unknown comes to life. What was once an old lumber factory is now home to Impression 5 Science Center, a place that encourages kids to ask questions and stay curious about their surroundings. By teaching children how to solve problems, our community partner is creating a new generation of innovative thinkers while serving as a cultural icon in the city of Lansing.

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