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A Big Win for Two Members

January 26, 2017

It's not every day that you get to go to work knowing that you're about to change the lives of two people. On Tuesday, January 24, we celebrated a life-changing moment for two Lake Trust members, Robin and Tiffany, when we presented them with $150,000 and $50,000, respectively.

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The Strength of Her Passion: Del's Story

September 16, 2016


On an early Tuesday morning, a group of six women gathers together in a small studio. Music blares from a speaker and each woman hustles to her assigned station to begin working out. In the flurry of quick movements stands Del, the class instructor. Her commanding voice is full of energy as she calls out words of encouragement to each woman in the room. 

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Young in Age, Big in Heart: Connor's Story

June 20, 2016


Like most young boys, Connor loves to explore the great outdoors and use his imagination to build things. At almost 10-years-old, he practices martial arts and he's interested in writing books. But he also has a very unique interest for someone his age; He wants to make the world a better place.

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Changing the Game: Ultimate Soccer Arenas

June 15, 2016


Each time George went to cheer on his daughters at their soccer games, he always left feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. He missed shots because the lights weren't bright enough, the summer months brought on sweltering heat and the brisk evenings were felt indoors. After attending too many games with inadequate facilities, George finally had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands. 

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The Business of Community: Mert's Meats

April 12, 2016


Nestled in the corner of a strip mall in Okemos, MI sits a quaint grocery store with a history older than the building itself. Opening its doors in 2011, Mert's Specialty Meats is more than just a place to buy quality food items. It's a gathering place where people connect over their love of food and community.

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For the Love of Dogs: A Tale of Hope

March 08, 2016


When Amy arrived home from vacation to find her German shepherd missing, she was devastated. In the search to find her beloved pet, she stumbled across other dogs who were lost and met people who were dedicated to helping those animals find their way back home or make their way to a new home. The connections she made and the frequent visits to area shelters struck a cord and opened her eyes to the great need for rescue dog care.

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Honoring the Work of Mike

December 10, 2015


A few months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Lake Trust member Mike and hearing the inspirational story of how he cares for elderly veterans. When we last spoke, he shared a vision  of being able to take all of his residents to Washington, D.C. to tour the White House. As of September, Mike finally accomplished this dream. But his plans to help veterans don't end there. 

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Lake Trust Member Highlight: Emily, Owner of Kaya Coffee House

August 26, 2015

Call it a stroke of luck or a chance of fate. When Emily heard that her old college hangout, a coffee house on the campus of Central Michigan University, was for sale, she knew that it was time for a major life change. Just a few months in as a business owner, she's loving the fact that she finally has the opportunity to call all the shots.

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Lake Trust Member Highlight: Sarah, First Time Homebuyer

July 14, 2015


Home isn't just a place where we sleep or store our stuff; it's a mode of self-expression and a marker of where we are geographically and in life. Sometimes we can't really explain what makes a home; maybe it's the people who share the place with us, the decorations that describe who we are or the memories we make while residing there. Because of these things, it's no wonder we get emotionally attached to something that is essentially an organized pile of wood.

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Lake Trust Member Highlight: Mike, A Silent Hero.

April 13, 2015


Sometimes we don't find our calling in life, it finds us when we least expect it. A few years ago, Michael (Mike) was faced with a tough decision: Put his aging mother in a traditional nursing home or find an alternative. His solution not only provided comfort to his mother, but it opened his eyes to a greater problem in our country.

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